Traditional music and song sessions in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, North East Scotland.

Aberdeen and the North East has a rich and diverse musical and cultural heritage. You can experience this for yourself by coming along to a traditional music / song session. Music can be found most nights of the week in a number of venues around Aberdeen and in Aberdeenshire.

A pub session is a very informal gathering of musicians and singers. Drop in and listen, or bring an instrument or a song and join in.

Adapted from Wikipedia:

“The general session scheme is that someone starts a tune, and those who know it join in. Anyone who is able to play traditional music is welcome.

Sometimes there are more-or-less recognized session leaders; sometimes there are no leaders. At times a song will be sung or a slow air played by a single musician between sets.

The objective in a session is not to provide music for an audience of passive listeners; although the punters (non-playing attendees) often come for the express purpose of listening, the music is most of all for the musicians themselves. The session is an experience that is shared, not a performance that is bought and sold.

The sessions are a key aspect of traditional music; some say it is the main sphere in which the music is formulated and innovated. Further, the sessions enable less advanced musicians to practice in a group”.

Maintained by Iain Richardson (Yousdancin Ceilidh Band).

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  1. Secretary Aberdeen & NE of Scotland Music Festival says:

    Aberdeen Music Festival is running a couple of workshops Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th April, Holburn West Church. Would you be able to publicise this for us please? we are trying to promote the playing of Traditional music. More information from http://www.aberdeenmusicfestival.com or by contacting Secretary on info@aberdeenmusicfestival.com, tel. 07437 962351
    Many thanks, Janette Hall, Secretary, ANESMFA, SC002130


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